Neurological Question #20


A 21 year-old client diagnosed with a head injury that occurred playing football presents with three tonic-clonic seizures while in the emergency department. The clients is talking and awake the following day and asks the nurse what caused him to have a seizure. The nurse provides which explanation as a primary cause of tonic-clonic seizures?


  1. Cardiac dysrhythmia
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  2. Congenital malformation in the brain.
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  3. Head trauma.
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  4. Drug over-dose.
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One of the most common reasons for tonic-clonic seizures in adults is traumatic brain injury that may occur from accidents and other traumas. Cardiac dysrhythmias are not a frequent cause of seizures in adults. Congenital malformations usually develop prior to or are present at birth. Seizures experienced due to congenital malformation usually occur while young and not suddenly following head injury as an adult. Usually seizures may occur with drug withdrawal and are not common among regular adult populations.

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