Neurological Question #12


In planning for discharge planning for a client with bacterial meningitis, the nurse will be sure to include which instruction?


  1. Keep all family and visitors from visiting your room for protective isolation.
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  2. Make sure you eat high protein diet with plenty of fluids
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  3. Take all of the antibiotics until gone.
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  4. Incorporate regular exercise with active range of motion.
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The client should be instructed to complete all antibiotics until they are completely gone. Failure to complete antibiotics may lead to re-infection and may spread causing endocarditis and other infections in the body, especially if the bacteria were from streptococci. While the client may be in isolation while in the hospital, family may not need to quarantine the client when at home. Some family members receive prophylactic antibiotics, but will be ordered according to the bacterial strain and health provider recommendations. It is important to eat a good diet, but the most important will be taking prescribed antibiotics. While returning to exercise is important, gradual increase should be performed, and the answer selection for exercise was not as important as prescribed antibiotics.

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