Mental Health Question #7


The nurse is caring for a veteran who states, “I live with the horror that I left my best friend when I was shot. There I was unconscious while he died.” The nurse recognizes the statement is most associated with which diagnosis?


  1. Dissociative Disorder
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  2. Mild Depression.
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  3. Post-traumatic Stress Disorder
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  4. Conversion Disorder
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PTSD may be prevalent in military, service members or disaster survivors, and guilt may be expressed. This survival guilt or loss may affect many aspects of life and social relationships, and thoughts may go back to the feeling of guilt and anguish often, with or without reminders of the event. A person with dissociative disorder will be disconnected from reality and awareness. Depression may be present as well but does not fit the information provided in the question. Conversion disorder occurs when blindness, paralysis, or other neurological somatic dysfunction occurs without reason.

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