Mental Health Question #26


A client with a diagnosis of schizophrenia is in the psychiatric unit. Clozapine therapy has been initiated. How will the nurse instruct the client that blood tests will be performed weekly?


  1. "Everyone taking clozapine has to go through the same procedure because it is part of hospital policy."
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  2. “Your health care provider will want to know how well you are progressing with the medication therapy.”
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  3. "Weekly blood tests are done so that we can be sure you are not just checking the medication.”
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  4. "Weekly blood tests are necessary to determine safe dosage and to monitor the effect of the medication on the blood."
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The client requires specific information on the drug and the need for lab work to determine safe dosage. It is not prescribed because others have the same order. Although the HCP wants to know how well the progression is going, it does not address the actual drug. Checking drug levels is not to determine compliance with swallowing the drugs.

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