Mental Health Question #21


A nurse administers client an injection ziprasidone (Geodon) to a client in the psychiatric unit. Prior to administration of the drug the client stated, “I refuse this injection as I hate it. Please no. Do not give me this medication!” The charge nurse arrives and will respond in which manner?


  1. The charge nurse will make a formal complaint to the Board of Nursing.
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  2. The charge nurse will advise that administration of the injection against the client’s wishes may result in charges of battery.
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  3. The charge nurse will counsel the nurse who administered the medication.
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  4. The charge nurse will advise the nurse who administered the medication of possible negligence charges.
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Battery is an intentional and wrongful physical contact with a person with outcome of an injury or offensive touching. Despite the psychiatric setting, the client has rights, unless the client is being held involuntarily due to harm to self or others. The other options are incorrect since the question asks about the charge nurse response related to the subordinate’s behavior. The behavior may have merits of reporting mechanisms, but such measures will have processes in place, and speaking to the nurse is most appropriate first. Counseling is probably going to ensue; however, the subordinate needs to know what constitutes battery. Negligence cannot be proved yet.

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