Med Math: Drop Factors Question #5


Order for IV of NS with 20 mEq KCL at 100 mL/hr. Administration IV set has a drop factor of 10 gtt/ml. Calculate drops per minute (gtt/min).


  1. 17 gtts/min
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  2. 27 gtts/min
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  3. 20 gtts/min
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  4. 43 gtts/min
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Normal Saline is to be infused. It should be noted that 20 mEq KCL is extra information and not needed to solve the problem. You would need to know how much volume you need per hour in order to solve. The volume is set at 100 ml per hour. It should be noted that it is not necessary to calculate the total volume in this problem. The hour is converted to minutes by replacing the “hr” to 60 min then solving the problem.There is a simple formula below for calculating the drop factor. The final answer should have gtt/min within.


—– x gtt


100 mL/60 min x 10 gtt factor/1 = 17 gtts/min

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