Med Math: Drips Question #8


The nurse is caring for a client who weighs 152 lbs. A new order is received for heparin bolus of 10,000 units followed by continuous infusion to deliver 18 units/kg/hr. On hand heparin for injection is 5,000 units/ mL. Calculate the initial bolus.


  1. 1 mL bolus
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  2. 4 mL bolus
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  3. 2 mL bolus
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  4. do not give a bolus and add 10,000 to the IV infusion that you anticipate
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Correct response = dose order (D)/dose on hand (H) x quantity of drug available (Q)= x
10,000 units D/5,000 units H x 1 mL = 10,000/5,000 x 1 mL = 2 mL

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