Maternal / Newborn Question #9


A client in active labor is being admitted, and after review of the medical record, the nurse is made aware that the client has a narrow pelvis. The nurse will prepare for impact on which of the following Ps of labor?


  1. Passenger
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  2. Passage
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  3. Power
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  4. Presentation
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Passage is impacted by a narrow pelvis which may affect fetus’s ability to move through the passage during labor for a successful vaginal delivery. C-section preparation should be considered if narrow pelvis impedes the fetus’s ability to move through the passage. Option A is incorrect since the passenger is the fetus and does not impact the pelvis size. Option C is incorrect since it is the strength of the uterine muscle for contracting and is not affected by narrow pelvis. Option D is incorrect since it describes which part of the fetus will be delivered first depending on how the fetus is lying in the uterus and is not impacted by narrow pelvis.

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