Maternal / Newborn Question #8


A 38-year-old client is at the obstetrician’s clinic for the initial prenatal visit. She states, “We planned two children.” The nurse reviews the history form and documents the following: G3, T1, P0, A1, L1. While the client is in the examining room, the nurse finds the health provider and reads off the findings, which are interpreted, to mean: (Select all that apply)


  1. The 38-year-old has been pregnant three times, including her current pregnancy
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  2. The 38-year-old adopted two children (P2).
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  3. The 38-year-old may have had twins and one died at 28 weeks gestation.
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  4. The 38-year-old had one miscarriage, and one living child born at term.
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T = term births, including current pregnancy (alive or stillborn); P = preterm births born 20-37 weeks (alive or stillborn) (multiples count as 1); A = abortion (miscarriage) pregnancy loss before 20 weeks; L = number of living children (multiples count individually). The other selections do not coincide with the appropriate GTPAL assessment.

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