Maternal / Newborn Question #60


The nurse is providing instruction to parents of a child with cystic fibrosis (CF) on one of the major factors of the disease. Which factor indicates the parents understand the underlying problem of the disease?


  1. A reaction with pancreas and duct development occurs as an underlying factor.
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  2. Fibrous cysts occur within several body organs as an underlying factor.
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  3. Immune globulins react with antibodies against streptococcus as an underlying factor.
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  4. An abnormality of the body’s mucus-secreting glands is an underlying factor.
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CF affects the body’s mucus-producing exocrine glands. Secretions are therefore sticky and thick and obstruct the bronchi, pancreatic ducts resulting in obstructing enzymes in the small bowel. It is an autosomal recessive inherited condition and does not involve any type of antibody irregularities (making selection C incorrect). The pancreas does not have duct development problems but does have mucus plugs that may obstruct the pancreatic ducts (making Option A incorrect). There are no fibrous cysts that develop on organs (making option B incorrect).

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