Maternal / Newborn Question #59


A 3-year-old has been discharged for the past week following severe gastroenteritis, which required hospitalization. The mother returns for follow up clinic visit and asks why the child is wetting the bed. Which statement by the nurse best explains the behavior?


  1. “Home surroundings are confusing after being in the hospital room.”
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  2. "Hospitalization is a traumatic experience for children and may result in some regression behaviors such as wetting the bed or sucking the thumb”.
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  3. “The child is acting out because attention was given while hospitalized.”
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  4. “Hospitalization caused stress but the return to home should end the stress. Perhaps family therapy is needed.”
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The correct answer is B since hospitalization is traumatic for a child and it might take some time to readjust. Regression may occur for a period of time. Home surroundings should not be confusing, and the child is not acting out for attention. Recommending family therapy is not appropriate.

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