Maternal / Newborn Question #55


A 15-year-old adolescent arrives at the clinic with symptoms of urinary tract infection (UTI). When the nurse assesses for history and if sexual activity has occurred, the teen answers, “Yes, I have a boyfriend, and I know I might have a bladder infection, but wondered if I am also pregnant. We plan to get married in a few years”. How should the nurse respond?


  1. “Why didn’t you tell your mother? Would you like me to call her?”
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  2. “I certainly hope this is not true. You are too young.”
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  3. “What does being pregnant mean to you?”
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  4. “Why don’t you bring your boyfriend in so both of you can be tested for STIs?”
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The answer is C. The nurse should not offer the nurse’s viewpoint, but should ask about the subject and what it means to the teen within therapeutic communication techniques. Telling the client she is too young produces a value judgment that belongs to the nurse, not the teen. Asking about the mother knowing and boyfriend requiring testing are inappropriate questions.

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