Maternal / Newborn Question #54


The pediatric nurse is caring for a 10-year-old client with cystic fibrosis complicated by new onset of pneumonia. The health care provider (HCP) calls the unit to provide new orders for the client. The orders consist of respiratory treatments, antibiotics, diet, and activity. Which actions will the nurse take to ensure safe, quality care? Select all that apply.


  1. Inform the HCP that such orders are not appropriate, and they must be received while the HCP is in the hospital.
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  2. Inform the HCP to come to the hospital and write the orders prior to providing care.
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  3. Perform read-back of the orders to the HCP.
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  4. Ask the HCP to verify and confirm the read-back orders as being correct and understood by the nurse.
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The answers are C, D. First, the receiving nurse taking the order must be a registered nurse (RN). The nurse will document the orders, read them back, and receive confirmation that the orders are correct. The HCP does not have to be on the hospital property or write the orders prior to initiation of care.

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