Maternal / Newborn Question #5


The nurse is preparing for discharge for new parents following the birth of their first infant. The parents ask how to manage colic. Which should the nurse suggest? Select all that apply.


  1. Place the infant in the crib and close the door if the crying does not stop.
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  2. Place the infant in the upright position for feeding.
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  3. Use an infant front carry system to allow for closeness and carrying time.
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  4. Allow for frequent burping periods.
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Feeding the infant in the upright position and burping frequently will help with swallowed air which can worsen colic and discomfort. Closing the door and allowing the infant to cry will produce more swallowed air and will worsen colic and discomfort. Using a front carry system is known to create some relief and allows for comfort and closeness to the parent.

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