Maternal / Newborn Question #47


The nurse is caring for a 17-year-old adolescent client with osteogenesis imperfecta (OI) who experienced a fractured humerus. The client states, “I wish I could do a sports activity with my friends.” Which response by the nurse will provide the most accurate instruction for activity with OI?


  1. “Low impact sports like shuffleboard is appropriate.”
    • Rationale:
  2. “Wheelchair basketball may be possible.”
    • Rationale:
  3. “Swimming is possible and may help strengthen muscles.
    • Rationale:
  4. “Why do you want to perform some type of sports?”
    • Rationale:



The correct answer is C because swimming will help improve muscle tone, mobility, and circulation. Selection A & C are incorrect since shuffleboard and wheelchair sports would place too must strain on bones. Selection D is incorrect since it asks the question with “Why” and the client has already answered since he wants to be like his friends.

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