Maternal / Newborn Question #45


The clinic nurse is caring for a 9 year-old diagnosed with chickenpox and the mother is asking when the child should return to school. What is the best response for the nurse to make?


  1. In two weeks following crusting over of lesions.
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  2. When all lesions are gone.
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  3. Six days after first lesions since crusting will occur.
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  4. 72 hours after crusting of lesions occur.
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The correct answer is C. The varicella zoster is found in respiratory secretions in infected persons and weeping lesions that have not crusted over. Six days after the rash first appears, the lesions should be dry with scab. Selection A is incorrect as 2 weeks is too long and scabbing will occur earlier. Selection B is incorrect as lesions scabbed over are not infectious, and all lesions do not have to be completely gone. D is incorrect since 3 days may not be enough time for lesions to dry and scab over.

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