Maternal / Newborn Question #44


The nurse is caring for an infant with Hirschsprung’s disease. Which of the following assessment findings are consistent with Hirschsprung’s disease?


  1. The infant has a scaphoid-shaped abdomen.
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  2. The infant has positive babinski sign.
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  3. The infant will have circumoral cyanosis.
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  4. The infant will have history of diarrhea.
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The correct answer is A. The infant will have abdominal distention that looks “boatshaped” and concave from enlargement of the colon caused by bowel obstructions that begin at the anus and progress upward. Selection B is incorrect since babinski is a normal finding in newborns to 2 years of age. Selection C is incorrect. Cyanosis is not a usual finding with Hirschsprung’s. Selection D is incorrect since the infant will have constipation and ribbon like stool.

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