Maternal / Newborn Question #37


A 9-year-old girl goes to the school nurse concerned about her weight stating, “I wear a junior/teen size in clothing.” Which nursing action is most appropriate to enhance healthy diet life-style?


  1. Encourage drinking diet sodas when friends drink sugar sodas.
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  2. Encourage the student to embrace her larger size and dare to be different.
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  3. Encourage the student to count calories and document in notebook.
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  4. Encourage the student to eat fruits and vegetables for snacks.
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The answer is D because fruits and vegetables are good alternatives for sugary, starchy, or artificially processed snacks. Starting with snack choices is a good place to begin awareness of healthy food choices. School-aged children consume many snacks and some do not eat three meals daily since snacks are often substituted for real meals. Answer A is incorrect since drinking diet sodas may lead to intake of more sugars or slipping back into sugary drinks. Answer B is incorrect. Sense of self is important, but valuing unhealthy habits and obesity may lead to poor choices and co-morbidities as an adult. Answer C is incorrect since management of diet and lifestyle needs to be on a child’s learning level.

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