Maternal / Newborn Question #36


A mother of a 4-year-old tells the pediatric clinic nurse that her child is wetting the bed at night and sucking the thumb. The mother adds that the behaviors are occurring since the birth of a baby brother. Which coping mechanism exhibited by the child will be explained to the mother?


  1. Regression
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  2. Denial
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  3. Suppression
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  4. Repression
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The correct answer is A since regression occurs when an individual returns to an early developmental stage during stressful periods. Denial (answer B is incorrect) occurs when the individual refuses to recognize the reality (the child says he is just drinking lots of water at night to explain enuresis). Suppression (answer C is incorrect) is a conscious impulse/decision to not think or act upon one’s feelings (the child would hold his feelings in about a new brother). Repression (answer D is incorrect) is a subconscious act of not acknowledging or acting upon one’s feelings, thoughts, and wants and may deny their very existence (the child may state he is the only child, has no brother, has a guest room, not the baby room).

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