Maternal / Newborn Question #32


The minor emergency clinic nurse receives a 9-year-old client by a father who states that the child was helping in the barn and stepped on a nail that pierced through the child’s boot. After cleansing the foot with soap and water and applying an antibiotic, which is the NEXT action performed by the nurse?


  1. Make a referral/transfer to the nearest hospital-based emergency room for toxin injections.
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  2. Ask to see the child’s immunization and state that if not present, then boosters for diphtheria, mumps, and measles will be added to the tetanus booster.
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  3. Prepare to administer a tetanus booster.
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  4. Ask if the child has had any allergy to curcumin.
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The nurse should prepare to administer a tetanus booster (correct selection C) after cleansing the foot with soap, water, and applying an antibiotic. There is no need for a special toxin or hospital-based emergency room, or to administer other vaccines. There is no relationship between the booster and circumin.

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