Maternal / Newborn Question #29


An adolescent client with depression has been taking escitalopram (Lexapro) 10 mg daily for the past four weeks. The client states that depressive thoughts have diminished, energy has increased, and appetite improved. Which nursing priority applies to this client?


  1. The client has met the outcome goal of resolution of depression.
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  2. The client’s risk of suicide potential is increased.
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  3. Assure the client that the medication is working and risks are decreased.
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  4. The client is in denial and the nurse explains that depression will return.
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Suicide risks increase after the antidepressant medication begins to work by raising the client’s mood and energy level. Adolescents may have higher risks of suicide; however all ages may be affected since clearer thoughts may provide opportunity for suicidal ideation and behaviors that may plan for and carry out fatal suicide acts. The selection A is incorrect since the outcome of resolution of depression is unrealistic, especially with just 4 weeks of therapy. Selection C and D are incorrect since risks of suicide are increased, and client behaviors of denial are not manifested within the question.

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