Maternal / Newborn Question #25


A primipara is in the 38th week and states her neighbor said dilation and effacement will occur rapidly. The nurse explains which concept to the client about primipara dilation and effacement?


  1. The cervix will dilate first.
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  2. Both dilation and effacement will occur at the same time.
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  3. Effacement must be 100% before dilation can be significant.
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  4. Cervical effacement occurs slowly, before significant dilation occurs.
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The cervix of the primipara effaces slowly before significant dilation occurs. Option A is incorrect since effacement, not dilation will occur first in primipara. Selection B is incorrect since primipara will dilate separately, whereas multiparas may do this at the same time. Selection C is incorrect since effacement completes when dilation is complete.

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