Maternal / Newborn Question #21


A client experienced a normal vaginal delivery but complains of tender area in the vagina. Upon assessment the nurse finds discoloration and bulging of the vagina consistent with a hematoma. Which client statement confirms the finding of vaginal hematoma?


  1. “My bleeding is pink and has slowed down.”
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  2. “I perform peri-wash after urinating, but it burns after the cleansing.”
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  3. “I feel like I need to have a bowel movement, but I really do not have to go.”
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  4. “I worry there may be placenta left over.”
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Hematoma is usually assessed by placing a small amount of pressure on the area or rectum. The resulting sensation is the urge to have a bowel movement. Pain occurs and at times it may impede urination depending on location and size. Ice packs may help and it usually resolves. Option A is incorrect as decreased bleeding is normal. Option B is incorrect as cleansing and burning pain are not indicative of hematoma. Option D is incorrect since placenta portions would not usually be in the vagina, since it would be retained and trapped behind the cervix.

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