Maternal / Newborn Question #19


The clinic nurse is assessing a pregnant client beginning the second trimester. The client asks the nurse, “What do you think about that Zika virus? I’m scared since my family travels to Mexico yearly to shop.” What is the best question the nurse needs to ask before going further in the assessment?


  1. “Have you had a fever recently?”
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  2. "Have you had poorly healed mosquito bites?”
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  3. “Have you traveled recently?”
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  4. “Do you know the signs and symptoms?”
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The CDC recommends women not to travel to Zika risk areas. Testing may be considered using a shared-decision making model between the healthcare team and client if the client has been exposed. Option A is incorrect since having just a fever is not a hallmark sign and some may be asymptomatic, but when febrile may also have a rash, arthralgia, or conjunctivitis. Option B is incorrect as problems with healed mosquito bites are due to infection at the site from other microbes, not usually Zika. Option D is also incorrect since the client needs to be asked more pertinent questions first before teaching signs and symptoms.

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