Maternal / Newborn Question #11


The nurse is providing preoperative instructions for deep breathing exercises for a client scheduled for a Caesarean section (C-section). The client asks why the exercises are important. Which explanations will the nurse provide? Select all that apply.


  1. “Incisional pain and location of the incision may cause you to breathe less deeply, and breathing techniques will help overcome decreased lung expansion.”
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  2. "Anesthesia may cause more respiratory secretions and coughing breathing techniques will help clear secretions.”
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  3. “You will not be moving as much after surgery, and immobility promotes retention of respiratory secretions. "
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  4. “They will help you like Lamaze helps pregnancy labor pain.”
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Option A, B & C All are important factors that may affect lung expansion and may help prevent postoperative pneumonia. If incision is near the diaphragm, it will decrease client willingness to take deep breaths. During anesthesia the client is not taking their own breaths, so secretions are not being mobilized. Immobility also increases retention of respiratory secretions.

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