Maternal / Newborn Question #1


A client in labor required an emergency cesarean section (C-Section) and informed the nurse that liquids and clear soup were consumed twenty minutes earlier. Which action(s) will the nurse anticipate? Select all that apply.


  1. Notification of anesthesia of fluids consumed.
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  2. Be prepared to administer sodium citrate and omeprazole IV.
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  3. Postpone the C-Section for four hours to avoid aspiration.
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  4. Be prepared to administer metoclopramide IV.
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Anesthesia needs to be informed of any type of diet or fluids consumed. Option B, and D are correct as the nurse may receive a physician order to administer medications to increase gastric acid pH and/or to assist with increase in stomach emptying and as an antiemetic. The nurse should never postpone an emergency C-Section.

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