Leadership / Delegation Question #7


A client in the hospital is diagnosed with end-stage pancreatic cancer and requested a “do not resuscitate” (DNR) order after talking the nurse and health provider. The client’s daughter approached the nurse requesting full code status. What is the nurse’s responsibility in this situation?


  1. Contact the social worker to intervene.
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  2. Explain to the client the daughter has durable power of attorney for health decisions.
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  3. Honor the request of the client.
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  4. Meet with interdisciplinary staff to perform “slow code” until a mutual decision is made.
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The client requests the right for DNR through self-determination and autonomy. The family may not revoke such right to DNR and the nurse and staff must honor the request of the client. Answer A is incorrect; although social workers are called to explain the process to families and clients. Answer B is incorrect since nothing in the question indicates the daughter has any health decision duties, and even so, the client’s wishes supersede. Having collaborative “slow code” is condemned which makes answer D incorrect.

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