Leadership / Delegation Question #6


Shift assignments are made by the Registered Nurse team leader. The team consists of two RNs, one LPN/LVN, and one nursing assistant. Which of the following clients will be most appropriate for the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP)?


  1. a 62-year-old client who requires tracheal suction.
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  2. a 52-year-old client who requires dressing changes to ulcers on both feet.
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  3. a 80-year-old client as a new admission to the medical surgical floor.
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  4. a 67-year-old client 4 days post hip replacement who requires assistance out of bed.
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Correct answer is D since the client is several days post-op and able to leave the bed and needs assistance, which does not require a licensed nurse for assistance out of bed. Selection A and B are incorrect since they require licensed personnel to perform skills of suctioning and dressing change. Selection C is incorrect because the client is newly admitted and must have an admission assessment and plan of care by the Registered Nurse.

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