Leadership / Delegation Question #3


The intensive care charge nurse is assigning client care based on acuity level. Which of the following clients will receive the most care by a registered nurse (RN)?


  1. 50-year-old with recent myocardial infarction who had a stent placed 24 hours ago.
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  2. 72-year-old client with pneumonia and fractured hip with reports of delirium.
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  3. 35-year old client who was injured in a motor vehicle accident and waiting for a rehabilitation consult.
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  4. 64-year-old client who had a pacemaker replacement 24 hours ago.
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The correct answer is B since airway is important, along with delirium that may cause harm to self following hip fracture. Since the client is in the ICU, there are probably other lines, tubes (such as foley catheter) to manage as well, and client safety will be important factors along with pneumonia (which may be contributing to the delirium). While the other clients may require care, more care will be required of the client from selection B.

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