Leadership / Delegation Question #2


Which nursing role is responsible for ensuring that all surgical staff engages in correct 5-minute hand scrubs, operative site verification, and correct procedure verification?


  1. The scrub nurse.
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  2. The assisting surgical nurse.
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  3. The scrub technician.
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  4. The circulating nurse.
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Correct answer is D since the circulating nurse will be responsible for ensuring that second verification of surgical procedure takes place, that site is verified, procedure, and all staff are adequately scrubbed and prepared for the procedure. Selection A, B, and C are incorrect. The scrub nurse will help set up tables, prepare equipment, and may have assistance from the scrub technician who will assist with instruments and equipment. The assisting nurse will not have the primary responsibility of the circulating nurse, but may help with biopsy, exposure of operative site, etc. Remember that the circulating nurse role is to manage the operating room and protect client safety.

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