Leadership / Delegation Question #13


The nurse caring for a client is preparing for discharge instructions with the goal of maintaining continuity of care. To reach a goal of continuity of care, which actions will the nurse perform?


  1. The nurse will be sure to account for all charges and supplies for billing.
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  2. The nurse will be sure to return all unused medications to pharmacy to avoid overcharging.
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  3. The nurse will maintain a smooth transition from hospital care to rehabilitation transition care.
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  4. The nurse will use TEACH BACK method for educating client.
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Continuity of care provides for smooth transition between healthcare institutions. Such transitions will help in providing safe recovery and continued management of care. Selection A and B are incorrect since financial reconciliation of client charges does not promote continuity of care. The selection D is incorrect. Although teaching/education is important, the question asks about goals for continuity of care, not building client knowledge base.

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