Leadership / Delegation Question #12


The nurse caring for a client with osteoarthritis is concerned after radiological scans are ordered, since the scans require long periods of time on a flat hard table. The nurse demonstrates client advocacy by performing which important action?


  1. Delegate an unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) to accompany and pad the table.
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  2. Contact the health care provider for an order for pain medication prior to the scan.
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  3. Contact the health care provider to inform that the scan should be cancelled.
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  4. Contact radiology and ask if the scan can occur in brief sessions with client assist to chair between scans.
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The correct answer is D because reaching out to radiology will communicate intercollaborative efforts to provide client-centered care. Selection A is incorrect. While having a UAP present may be helpful, the delegation does not fully place client needs first. Selection B is incorrect as pain medication with adverse side effects may not be the best action. Selection C is incorrect because the nurse does not need to determine what tests should be ordered or discontinued.

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