Leadership / Delegation Question #10


The Registered Nurse (RN) is delegating duties on the medical surgical unit. Which of the following tasks is appropriate for the RN to delegate to the licensed practical nurse?


  1. Administering oral medications for four clients.
    • This answer is correct because this is within the scope of practice of the LPN. LPNs are licensed to administer medications.

  2. Assessing a new admission.
    • This answer is not correct because the scope of practice for a practical nurse does not include high-level assessment (admission assessments). Initial admission assessments are to be done by the registered nurse only.

  3. Planning discharge teaching for two clients.
    • This answer is not correct because initiating care planning (discharge teaching plans) is a job duty only for the registered nurse to carry out. Discharge planning is part of the plan of care and requires the registered nurse discretion.

  4. Start the administration of packed red blood cells.
    • This answer is not correct because providing higher level skills such as blood administration is the registered nurse’s scope of practice and not the LPN. Due to the various types of blood and blood products and the risk involved with blood transfusions and nursing interventions required.


LPNs are licensed to administer oral medications. Initial assessments, discharge planning and administration of blood products are not in the LPNs scope of practice.

Learning Outcomes

LPNs are licensed nurses and are able to complete some of the same tasks as registered nurses. Assessing a new admission requires critical thinking skills that are out of the LPN’s scope of practice. Planning discharge teaching requires thought processes that the registered nurse has been trained for. The registered nurse utilizes special skill sets to administer blood products and assesses for adverse reactions. The LPN is a great help to the registered nurse. Together they can manage clients safely.

Test Taking Tip

Remember the scope of practice for the LPN because utilizing their scope of practice will help