Gastrointestinal Question #6


The nurse is caring for a client with small bowel obstruction and is preparing to insert a Levine nasogastric tube for stomach decompression. Which intervention is most important during nasogastric insertion?


  1. Feedings will begin only after residual is checked.
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  2. The client should be placed in high Fowler’s position.
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  3. The client should hold the tube in place with one hand while nurse is securing.
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  4. Measurements of the tube are from top of the stomach, around back of ear, ending at the nose tip.
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The Client should be placed in a high Fowler’s position. Residual is not checked since this is a Levine tube for decompression, nor should they have the responsibility of holding the tube. The tube is not measured from the top of the stomach ending at the nose.

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