Gastrointestinal Question #19


The nurse is caring for a client who is unconscious who requires enteral feedings through a nasogastric tube. Which action takes priority when managing enteral feedings?


  1. Weigh the client daily at the same time.
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  2. Make sure sterile water and sterile gavage system is changed every 24 hours.
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  3. Keep the client in semi-fowlers position.
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  4. Keep the formula warm by setting it in hot water 30 minutes prior to administration.
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It is most important to maintain a semi-flowlers position with nasogastric feedings to prevent aspiration. While daily weights may be important, protecting the airway and lungs from aspiration is more important. Having sterile water and supplies are not necessary since the management is with clean not sterile procedure. The formula should be room temperature and should never be heated prior to administration.

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