Gastrointestinal Question #18


The nurse is preparing the teaching plan for a client with a ileal conduit. Part of the instruction will include use of a urine collection bag during the night. Which of the statements best explains why use of standard urine collection bag is necessary at night?


  1. It prevents reflux of urine into the stoma.
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  2. It prevents appliance separation from heavy urine bag at night.
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  3. It prevents urine leakage during the night.
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  4. It allows the client to increase fluids prior to bedtime.
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The use of standard urine collection bags for night-time is to prevent the reflux of urine into the stoma. During the night time hours, if only the stoma bag were used, urine would collect and back up into the stoma increasing the risk of urinary infection. Although it may prevent unnecessary tugging against the appliance, and perhaps leakage, the primary reason is to keep urine patent and prevent reflux and stasis of urine in the ureters. Although the collection bag will allow for intake of more fluids for increased drainage area, the most important measure is prevention of urinary reflux into the stoma.

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