Gastrointestinal Question #17


The client with a new ileal conduit is at the clinic for a post-operative follow-up and asks the nurse, “How can I prevent urine leakage when changing out the appliance as urine leaks everywhere.” The nurse responds by offering the following instruction:


  1. Close the stoma up with cellophane and tape.
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  2. Use a gauze wick to insert partially into the stoma.
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  3. Suction the stoma prior to changing appliances.
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  4. Hold all fluids for 2 hours prior to changing the appliance.
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Using a gauze wick by inserting it into the stoma may help wick up urine flow while the appliance is being removed and new one prepared. The stoma should not be sealed or taped shut. Suctioning should never be applied to the stoma, nor should fluids be held. Fluids are important in flushing the urine and avoiding formation of calculi.

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