Gastrointestinal Question #15


A client is in the hospital with a new ileal conduit notices a moderate amount of mucous mixed with yellow urine draining from the stoma and immediately calls the nurse. The nurse assesses the client’s stoma and urine output and observes moderate amounts of mucous mixed with urine. Which action should the nurse perform next?


  1. Immediately notify the physician.
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  2. Change the appliance bag.
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  3. Encourage increased fluid intake.
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  4. Obtain a urine sample for culture and sensitivity.
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The client should be encouraged to drink plenty of fluids with an ileal conduit to help flush mucous from the conduit. Mucous is a normal finding since the ileum was part of the intestine and mucous secretion may continue. It is not necessary to notify the physician or change the appliance bag. The mucous does not indicate infection and therefore does not require a culture and sensitivity.

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