Gastrointestinal Question #13


The nurse is providing instructions to a client who will have a surgical procedure to create an ileal conduit. Which of the following provides the best explanation of an ileal conduit?


  1. The procedure involves creating an opening in the bladder that allows urine to drain into an external pouch.
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  2. The procedure will divert urine into the sigmoid section of the colon, where it will be evacuated through the rectum along with stool.
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  3. The procedure is temporary and will be fully reversed when the urinary system is cancer free.
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  4. The procedure uses a segment of the ileum to divert urine flow from the ureters to a stoma opening on the abdominal wall.
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The ileal conduit is the procedure that uses a portion of the ileum to attach ureters to one end and the open end brought to the skin surface of the abdomen for stoma formation. A pouch will be worn to collect urine which flows continuously. The bladder is not used via an opening since the bladder may be removed in the ileal conduit and does not divert urine into the sigmoid for colon evacuation, nor is the procedure reversible.

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