Gastrointestinal Question #10


A college student with an ileal conduit diversion desires to remain active and a part of his college. The nurse tailors which instructions for the college student?


  1. Restrict fluids to less than 800 mL per day.
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  2. Eat vegetables to maintain alkaline urine.
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  3. Avoid odor producing-foods such as fish, eggs, cheese, and onion
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  4. Keep daily activities to a minimum.
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Odor-producing foods can produce odors that emanate from the stoma and bag that may affect lifestyle and social life. Fluids should be increased to allow for prevention of infection, calculi, and to maintain kidney filtering. Urine needs to remain more acid in order to prevent urinary infections and activity needs to be regular and often, not restricted or minimal since sedentary lifestyle may cause further urinary stasis, which may lead to infections.

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