Gastrointestinal Question #1


During discharge instructions for a client on home management with a duodenal ulcer, the nurse recognizes deficient knowledge on dietary restrictions because of which statement by the client?


  1. “I will drink plenty of dairy products to coat my stomach and help my ulcer.”
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  2. “I will drink decaffeinated coffee and tea.”
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  3. “I will take all medications as ordered.”
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  4. “I will avoid diets rich in dairy products.”
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Diets rich in dairy products like cream and milk should be avoided since they stimulate gastric secretion. Stimulation of gastric secretions will enhance acids, which will irritate the ulcer through inflammation and erosion of the intestinal mucosa. All of the other answer options represent knowledge by the client such as making sure diet consists of decaffeinated beverages and avoiding foods rich in dairy products. Taking meds as ordered is also important and indicates knowledge by the client.

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