Fundamentals Question #7


Which client is the best assignment for an LPN?


  1. A client with active GI bleeding that requires multiple blood transfusions.
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  2. An elderly client with osteoporosis who needs assistance performing range of motion exercises and ambulating with a walker.
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  3. A client who is postoperative exploratory laparotomy that has evisceration at the abdominal site.
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  4. A client who reports chest pain and has atrial fibrillation.
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The correct option is B. LPNs should be assigned stable clients with predictable outcomes and cases that do not require critical thinking or complex analysis. A client actively bleeding and requiring blood transfusions is an unstable client that will require constant care and monitoring. Initiation of multiple blood transfusion is also outside of the scope of practice for an LPN. A client with an eviscerated surgical site is unstable and requires constant intervention and interaction with the surgeon to interpret client findings. The client with chest pain and atrial fibrillation is not stable and will require immediate interaction.

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