Fundamentals Question #6


A registered nurse is caring for a critically ill client however has other clients in need of care. Which task should the RN delegate to the LPN?


  1. Completing the discharge teaching to a client going home
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  2. Updating and evaluating the client's plan of care
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  3. Administering subcutaneous Enoxaparin.
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  4. Deliver a dose of activase via a central venous access device.
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The correct option is C; An LPN can safely perform a subcutaneous or intramuscular injection because they are routine procedures that usually have predictable outcomes. Teaching is an RN responsibility. Updating and evaluating a plan of care is an RN responsibility because it is a higher-level function that requires critical thinking and judgment. Providing medication through a central venous access device is not completed by LPNs as it requires a higher level of training to administer a clot buster into a central line.

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