Fundamentals Question #50


A client is diagnosed with venous insufficiency. In which position should the nurse place the client?


  1. 30-degree semi-Fowler with legs kept straight.
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  2. Low-Fowler with flexed knees
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  3. Reverse Trendelenburg
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  4. Supine with legs elevated
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The correct option is A. The 30-degree semi-Fowler position with the legs straight keeps the clot from dislodging after the procedure. The client must lie in this position for 4-6 hours. The low-Fowler position with the knees flexed is appropriate for an evisceration and will help to maintain the organ inside the abdominal cavity. Reverse Trendelenburg is used for a client with GERD. Supine with the legs elevated is used for a client with heat stroke.

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