Fundamentals Question #42


What client statement indicates understanding of the proper use of an incentive spirometer after surgery?


  1. “I will blow into the mouthpiece and try to raise the indicator up as high as I can.”
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  2. “I will use the incentive spirometer every hour during the day and when I am awake at night.”
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  3. “I will quickly inhale and exhale trying to take in as much oxygen as possible.”
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  4. “I will use the incentive spirometer in place of getting out of bed.”
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The correct option is B. The incentive spirometer needs to be used every hour during the daytime and upon waking at night to decrease the risk of pneumonia. The incentive spirometer is not blown into but rather inhale slowly and deeply and exhale slowly. When using an incentive spirometer, quick inhaling and exhaling is not done. The incentive spirometer is used in addition to ambulation. It is used to increase lung expansion and decrease the risk of pooling secretions and infection.

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