Fundamentals Question #41


The nurse is admitting a client scheduled for outpatient surgery in two hours. For which client statement should the nurse inform the surgeon immediately?


  1. “I have not eaten since midnight last night.”
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  2. “I took an aspirin yesterday for an extreme headache.”
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  3. “I understand that I will be assisted out of the bed pretty soon after surgery.”
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  4. “I was told to report any signs of infection like a fever over 101.5.”
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The correct option is B. Surgical guidelines recommend stopping all antiplatelet medication 7-10 days before surgery due to increased risk of bleeding. This should be reported to the surgeon. The client should have not eaten anything past midnight. Most clients are ambulated very quickly after surgery to decrease complications such as a deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism or pneumonia. An elevated temperature after surgery should be reported.

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