Fundamentals Question #30


The nurse is teaching the family of a client with influenza on ways to decrease the spread of the virus. Which statement represents understanding by the family member?


  1. “I need to get my flu vaccine and stay at least 6 feet away from my brother.”
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  2. “I can be within 2 feet of my brother and not have to worry about getting the flu.”
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  3. “I turn my head when I cough and wash my hands when I think about it.
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  4. “I didn’t get the flu vaccine because it makes me have the flu every year.”
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The correct option is A. Influenza is transmitted via droplets that can travel up to 6 feet before dropping. The flu vaccine is a preventative measure to decrease the incidence of flu.Two feet is not enough distance to assure prevention. Turning the head and coughing is still coughing out into the air, also hand hygiene should be done consistently to decrease the spread of the virus. The flu vaccine does not cause the flu as it is an inactivated virus that is given. The vaccine does not protect from every type of flu but can decrease the incidence of the virus.

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