Fundamentals Question #3


Which tasks delegated to a nursing assistant by a newly registered nurse needs to be re-evaluated by the charge nurse?

Select all that apply


  1. Apply a new Fentanyl patch after bathing the client.
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  2. Assist the client to ambulate to the bathroom
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  3. Collect blood cultures from a central venous access device
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  4. Administer acetaminophen for a mild headache
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The correct answers are A, C, D. A nursing assistant cannot administer medications. Collecting blood cultures from a central venous access device is an invasive/complex procedure and would need to be completed by a registered nurse. Acetaminophen is a medication and cannot be administered by a nursing assistant. An LPN or RN would be responsible for this task. Assisting a client ambulate to the bathroom is a delegated task that a nursing assistant can perform.

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