Fundamentals Question #29


A nursing home is experiencing an increase in nosocomial infections. Which statement by the nurse requires additional teaching about infection control practices?


  1. “I always wash my hands between each medication pass.”
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  2. “It takes a lot of time to apply a gown and gloves with contact isolation.”
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  3. “I think the staff need additional education to decrease the outbreak.”
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  4. “I wear the appropriate personal protective equipment when caring for a client in isolation.â€
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The correct option is B. The nurse who states that it takes additional time to apply personal protective equipment (PPE) needs additional education about the purpose of PPE and the risk of transmission of infection. Washing hands between each client is the proper standard precaution. Ongoing education is needed to decrease the outbreak of nosocomial infections. Appropriate PPE should be worn when caring for a client in isolation.

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