Fundamentals Question #24


What intervention should the nurse take to ensure proper transport of a client in droplet precautions?


  1. Notify the receiving department and place a surgical mask on the client.
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  2. Place an N95 mask on the client and alert the transport staff.
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  3. Question the transportation of a client in droplet precautions and call the health care provider.
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  4. Place a mask, goggles, gown, and gloves on the client.
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The correct option is A. The receiving department needs to be aware of what type of precaution is needed with this client, also the client only requires a surgical mask for droplet precautions. The client does not require an N-95 mask which is used for airborne precautions. The client can transport to other areas of the hospital for procedures if the proper personal protective equipment is applied. The client in droplet precautions does not require goggles, a gown, and gloves to be applied.

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